Written by: Kyle Drever, Dr. TCM


Here’s a great and easy home remedy for those niggley, shallow, dry coughs that so often develop during the fall season (even though it is almost winter).
Take a pear, cut it in half, scoop out the centre and fill with a spoonful of honey (optional) and steam it until it is soft and juicy all the way through. Eat 1-2 pears per day and you should see improvement, if not complete resolution, in 5-7 days at most. If it happens mostly at night eat one before you go to bed. Asian pears are the best but any pear will do. This is also excellent for the post-viral cough that just won’t go away. As long as the cough doesn’t have a lot of phlegm, pears are your friends.

Why you ask? Fall is the season of the Lungs. It is also a season of dryness. When people with weak Lung energy enter the fall season, their Lungs can be easily injured by the dryness resulting in a shallow and dry cough. Pears cool and lubricate the Lungs by tonifying the Lung Yin. Nourish the Yin of the Lung and the Qi will flow downward like it is supposed to, not upwards to cause a cough.