Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kyla Drever has been studying holistic practices since 1995. She began with a certificate in Shiatsu Acupressure from Sourcepoint Shiatsu in Vancouver, BC. Her curiosity about the human body and its energetic influences led her to a certificate in Thai Massage (Chang Mai, Thailand), a diploma as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Vancouver, BC), and continuing education in CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute) and Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute). She has completed the highest level of registration exams in TCM entitling her to the Dr. TCM designation which allows her to practice both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology.

Her extensive educational background in various modalities allows Kyla to look at an individual from different perspectives and enables her to offer treatments specifically designed for the issues at hand, be it mechanical, organic, or energetic. By utilizing natural and holistic tools, Kyla facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Kyla is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Garibaldi Active Wellness. Book Kyla online here:

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