Registered Massage Therapist

Bianca Ashe, RMT, BHSc, graduated in 2000 from West Coast College of Massage Therapy with a diploma in massage therapy. Bianca has experience and passion in providing massage therapy to improve the quality of life in all clients seeking care, whether from pregnancy-related symptoms, sports-related injuries, car accidents, medical conditions or stress and tension. Ultimately she wants to help clients meet their health goals and get back to doing what they love doing!

Bianca has focused her massage career in providing massage therapy to prenatal and postnatal women and children of all ages. Bianca was drawn to prenatal massage to provide comfort and relief to the many aches and pains from the changes that occur to the body during pregnancy, so women can focus on enjoying this special time in their lives. She has focused her massage continuing education on massage for prenatal women, infants, pediatrics, oncology pediatrics, kinesiotaping and myofascial release.

Bianca began a massage practice in North Vancouver in 2000 and a few years later, partnered in creating a wellness clinic called Bloom Family Wellness Centre. Bloom was a clinic focused to provide care for pre and postnatal women and their families, as well as triathletes and marathon runners. Running the clinic for several years and working as an RMT, doula and yoga teacher gave her the opportunity to work along side many skilled, passionate practitioners and learn a great deal about an interdisciplinary approach to health care.

In 2006, Bianca began teaching at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She was drawn to education by having the desire to be involved in the future of massage therapy and deepen her knowledge of anatomy and manual techniques. Bianca has taught muscle and bone anatomy courses, systemic treatment courses for; pregnancy, headaches, cardiovascular, respiratory, HIV/Aids and sinusitis and manual skills courses; myofascial release, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular treatments. She has also worked as an educator at student clinical placements at women’s centers, sports outreaches and Royal Columbia Hospital for women with high-risk pregnancies. After being a senior instructor for several years, later becoming the program coordinator, she was appointed the Program Director of the school in 2012. Being passionate about the future and the integrity of massage therapy Bianca has also been a member of the Quality Assurance Committee and the Finance & Audit Committee at the College of Massage Therapy of BC and works for the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation as a surveyor.

Bianca continues to practice massage therapy as she is passionate about working with the diverse clients in Squamish and she enjoys ongoing learning and growth of her skills as a practitioner.

Bianca is available Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Garibaldi Active Wellness

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